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Ultimately, you are the only one who can enact true change in your life. Our mission is to show you how to do just that without sacrificing your well-being.

With scientifically-backed CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) exercises at your fingertips you can achieve stress-free productivity in just a few simple steps.

Research Team
at TodayIsTheDay

Meet our reseach team

Our research team has been an integral part of the TodayIsTheDay journey since day one, bringing their expertise to design and perfect the app into the successful software that has helped thousands of users improve their lives. Their dedication and hard work have resulted in high-quality content and personalized user experiences that set TodayIsTheDay apart from other apps in the market. We're lucky to have such a talented and committed team driving the success of our app.

Why TodayIsTheDay is for you

We understand the exhaustion of repeatedly trying to find ways to make yourself feel good - that's why we are here!

Break free from procrastination – one step at a time

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